Chanter's Board Quest: Skin Deep
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You can receive this quest from the chanter's board in Redcliffe or the Denerim Market District. The Redcliffe board will only appear after you've saved the village from undead attacks.


For this quest you'll need to collect samples of Corpse Gall for the Chantry. You'll find Corpse Gall on certain walking corpses in some of the game's major dungeons. In Redcliffe Castle alone, you can pick up over a dozen samples.

You can deliver the samples of Corpse Gall to any of the chanter's board representatives (in Lothering, Redcliffe, or the Denerim Market District), but your reward will depend on how many you found. With nine samples, you'll receive 3 sovereigns and 175 xp. With 18 samples, you'll receive 5 sovereigns and 500 xp.

Note: Be careful with this quest. If you have nine samples of Corpse Gall when you talk to a chanter by a chanter's board, then you'll complete the quest even if you had planned to collect 18.


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