Interested Parties Quest: New Ground
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You'll receive this quest from the bartender at the Gnawed Noble Tavern in the Denerim Market District, but only if you completed the quest Dead Drops (without disarming all of the bombs) before completing the quest False Witness.


"K" will tell you that he is fed up with "D," and he'll ask you to contact three of his associates so they can levy "various and sundry accusations" against him and get him arrested. All three of the associates can be found in the Denerim Market District:
  • Gorim (by the market stalls)
  • Sister Theohild (by the chantry)
  • Tranquil Proprietor (inside the Wonders of Thedas shop)
After signaling all three associates, you'll need to visit "K's" guard contact to see how the plan is progressing. You'll find him near the main gate to the Denerim Market District (west of the chantry), but you'll have to exit and re-enter the district to get him to show up. When you talk to the guard contact, he'll tell you that "the guards can't ignore this," but he'll warn you that "D" will probably try to retaliate against you before he is locked up.

The next time you make a trip on the Denerim map, you'll probably get attacked by "D's" lieutenant and several rogue henchmen. The lieutenant will drop directions to "D's" hideout when he dies. Then when you go to the hideout, you'll find "D" with four more rogue henchmen, and they'll probably die pretty quickly. "D" won't drop anything interesting when he dies.

Once you've killed "D," when you return to the bartender at the Gnawed Noble Tavern, he'll reward you with 10 sovereigns and 250 xp.

Note: Completing this quest will prevent you from completing any of "D's" quests: Solving Problems, Sign of Safe Passage, and False Witness.


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