Mages' Collective Quest: Places of Power
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You'll receive this quest from the Mages' Collective bag at the Lake Calenhad Docks.


For this quest you'll need to visit four places of power for Krebulash the Epithet and "trace upon them my personal glyphs, claiming their eldritch energies for my own." The four places of power are:
Each time you arrive at one of these locations, you'll find a "mystical site of power," and clicking on it will absorb the power into a Glyph of Krebulash (which you'll receive when you accept the quest). Then once you've absorbed power from all four sites, when you return to a Mages' Collective liaison (in Redcliffe, the Denerim Market District, or the Lake Calenhad Docks), you'll receive 2 sovereigns and 175 xp.


Part 1: Origins


Part 2: Ostagar


Part 3A: Circle Mages


Part 3B: Humans


Part 3C: Dalish Elves


Part 3D: Dwarves


Part 4: Landsmeet


Part 5: Blight


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