Mages' Collective Quests: A Gift of Silence / Justice Must Be Served
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You can receive the quest "A Gift of Silence" from the Mages' Collective bag in Redcliffe (the bag will only appear after you've saved the village from undead attacks). At the same time, you'll receive the quest "Justice Must Be Served."


"A Gift of Silence" and "Justice Must Be Served" are two sides of the same coin. In "A Gift of Silence" you'll be asked to deliver a bribe of 10 lyrium potions to Knight-Commander Harrith in Redcliffe. In "Justice Must Be Served" you'll be asked to travel to the Denerim Market District and inform Knight-Commander Tavish that Harrith has been accepting bribes. You'll only be able to complete one of the two quests.

For both quests, you'll need to give up 10 lyrium potions. The game will use your least powerful lyrium potions first, so it's a good idea to wait until you've collected 10 Lesser Lyrium Potions before proceeding. Then regardless of which quest you decide to pursue, you'll receive 1 sovereign and 175 xp upon its completion.

Note: If you complete the quest "Justice Must Be Served," then you won't receive any more quests from the Collective. But if you complete the quest "A Gift of Silence," then you'll eventually receive another pair of quests, Defending the Collective and Defying the Collective, which will give you a similar sort of opportunity to help or expose the Collective.


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