Location: The Templar's Nightmare

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You'll only have one objective in the Templar's Nightmare -- to kill the demon Vereveel (#8). If you start out in spirit form and hit Vereveel with winter's grasp and crushing prison, and then switch to golem form and beat on him for a bit, then he should go down easily enough. Killing Vereveel will unlock this part of the Fade.

Note: if you keep getting lost in the nightmare, follow this path: #1 to Exit D (a mouse hole), Exit D to Exit G (a spirit door), Exit G to Exit I (a fade portal), and then Exit I to Exit J (another mouse hole).

1 - Starting Point

2 - Book

Reading the book will give you the Magic and Religion codex entry for The Rite of Annulment.

3 - Books

Reading the books will give you the Magic and Religion codex entry for Maleficarum.

4 - Essence of Dexterity

Clicking on the essence will permanently add +1 to your dexterity attribute.

5 - Flames

You'll need to be in burning man form to pass through these flames.

6 - Massive Doors

You'll need to switch into golem form to break open these doors.

7 - Dead Templar Dreamer

When you enter the room, you'll witness a demon named Vereveel escaping through the mouse hole to the west (Exit J). Vereveel is the demon you'll need to kill in this part of the Fade, and so you'll need to follow him through the hole.

Note: As far as we can tell, there isn't any way to save the templar dreamer, even though you'll get a quest update telling you that "you were unable to reach him in time." No matter how quickly you move through this nightmare, you'll always get the update just before going through the door to reach the templar.

8 - Vereveel

9 - Essence of Cunning

Clicking on the essence will permanently add +1 to your cunning attribute.

  1. Mouse hole.
  2. Fade portals. These portals won't really take you anywhere.
  3. Mouse hole.
  4. Mouse hole.
  5. Fade portals. These portals will only send you backwards.
  6. Mouse hole.
  7. Spirit door / fade portal.
  8. Mouse hole.
  9. Fade portal.
  10. Mouse hole. This is a one-way exit.
  11. World exit (fade pedestal).


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