Quest: Thief in the House of Learning
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Shaper Assistant Milldrate will give you this quest when you talk to him in the Shaperate (located in the Orzammar Diamond Quarter).


Milldrate will tell you that somebody stole a tome from the Shaperate, and he'll describe the thief as "bald, with the most garish brand across his head." You'll find the thief, Shady Corebit, in Dust Town. When you talk to him there, no matter what you say to him, he'll attack you and you'll have to kill him. You won't find the tome on Corebit's corpse, but you will find a Proving Receipt, which will suggest that he might have sold the tome in the Proving Grounds.

You'll find the buyer, Fixer Gredin, in the northern part of the Proving Grounds (which will only open after you've progressed far enough in the main Orzammar questline). Just like Corebit, Gredin won't want to talk, and he and the thugs with him will attack you. You'll find the tome in question, A Volume of Shaper History, on Gredin's corpse.

You'll have two ways to complete the quest. If you sell the tome to Jertrin (standing right next to where you killed Gredin), then you'll receive 2 sovereigns, 30 silvers, and 75 xp. If you take the tome to Milldrate, then he'll thank you for your work, but you won't receive any sort of reward. None of your companions will approve or disapprove of either solution.


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