Location: Korcari Wilds

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You'll have two objectives in this area: to acquire three Vials of Darkspawn Blood, and to retrieve the Ancient Treaties from the Grey Warden Archive (#11). The first objective will be pretty easy to complete. You'll encounter darkspawn in numerous places in the Wilds, and many of them will drop vials for you.

For the second objective, you'll need to fight your way south to the archive, defeating a hurlock emissary (#7), a hurlock alpha (#10), and more along the way. When you reach the archive, you'll meet a strange woman named Morrigan, who will tell you that her mother has the treaties. You'll then meet her mother, who will hand over the treaties to you before ominously announcing that "this Blight's threat is greater than they realize!"

After visiting with Morrigan's mother, Morrigan will escort you back to Ostagar, but before reporting in to Duncan, you might want to visit with the quartermaster, and you might want to complete the quests "The Mabari Hound" and "The Hungry Deserter."

When you finally meet with Duncan, he'll inform you that to complete the Joining, you'll need to drink the darkspawn blood that you brought back from the Wilds. Daveth will go first, and he'll die from the blood. Jory will then decide not to drink the blood, and he'll draw his sword to defend himself, but Duncan will kill him. Finally, you'll take your turn, and you'll survive. As a reward, you'll receive the amulet Warden's Oath.

After the Joining, Duncan will ask you to go with him to meet with King Cailan, who you'll find to the west. Cailan will go over the plan for the upcoming battle, and he'll assign you and Alistair to light the beacon in the Tower of Ishal when it's time for Teyrn Loghain's men to charge into battle. Duncan will then leave, and you'll be on your own.

1 - Missionary Jogby

On the corpse of the missionary you'll find a letter, which will give you the Quest-Related codex entry for Letter to Jogby and the quest "The Missionary." When you read the letter, you'll learn that it's from Jogby's father Rigby, and that it contains clues to a treasure chest, which you'll find in between two statues to the south (#5). Looting the chest will complete the quest.

Inside the chest you'll discover a Chasind Flatblade, a Wooden Kite Shield, and another letter. This second letter will give you the Quest-Related codex entry for Farewell Letter to Jogby. If you read it, then you'll learn that Rigby feared the coming of the darkspawn, and that he planned to leave the Wilds. However, you'll find Rigby's corpse to the north (#6), so he didn't make it.

2 - Dying Soldier

You'll meet a "dying" soldier here. If you patch him up, then he'll stagger off to Ostagar. If you help him along towards death, then you'll lose approval with Alistair, but you'll find Splintmail Boots on the corpse.

3 - Wilds Flowers

You'll find special flowers in several places in the Wilds. You'll need one of these flowers for the quest "The Mabari Hound" in Ostagar. If you didn't trigger the quest in Ostagar, then when you pick the flower, Daveth will mention that the kennel master in Ostagar needs such flowers to heal the dogs that have been tainted by darkspawn blood, and you'll receive the quest here.

4 - Abandoned Camp

Inside the camp you'll find an unlocked chest containing a Barbarian Mace, a Mud Idol, and Rigby's field journal. Looting the journal will give you the Quest-Related codex entry for Signs of the Chasind.

After looting the field journal, you'll be able to spot chasind trail signs. This will start a sequence where each time you click on a trail sign (starting with the one just to the south), one or two more trail signs will pop up on the map, and then eventually you'll make your way to a hidden chasind cache (#8). Inside the cache you'll find a Thane Helmet, Chasind Robes, a Wilds Bow, and more. Following the trail signs will also trigger and complete the quest "Chasind Trail Signs."

5 - Statues

In between the statues here you'll find a chest (see #1 for details).

6 - Missionary Rigby

On the missionary's corpse you'll find a will, which will give you the Quest-Related codex entry for Rigby's Last Will and Testament and the quest "Last Will and Testament." If you read the will, then you'll learn that Rigby hid a sealed lockbox in the abandoned camp to the west (#4), and that he'd like the reader to deliver it unopened to his wife Jetta in Redcliffe.

You'll find the lockbox at the camp in the remains of a campfire. It won't make any difference what you decide to do with it. If you open the lockbox up, then inside you'll find a Beloved Amulet, but you won't be able wear it or sell it, and it will never come up in conversation. If you leave the lockbox sealed, then you'll be able to deliver it to Jetta, but she won't give you any sort of reward.

7 - Hurlock Emissary / Dead Soldier

Right around here you'll be attacked by a hurlock emissary and a handful of regular hurlocks and genlocks. The emissary is a nasty spellcaster, so you should take him down as quickly as possible, and then mop up the rest. The emissary will drop a Darkspawn Staff when he dies.

Note: If the emissary immediately hits you with a fireball, taking your entire party down to about half heath, then you might want to run away and only return once you've healed up.

Also at this spot you'll find a dead soldier holding a Pouch of Ashes and an excerpt from local myths and legends. Looting the body will give you the Quest-Related codex entry for A Pinch of Ashes, which will detail how you can summon a wish-giving spirit named Gazarath with the right kind of ash.

If you then take the Pouch of Ashes to the pile of rocks to the north (#9), you'll summon Gazarath, but he won't give you a wish unless your wish was for a boss fight. When Gazarath dies, he'll leave behind a pile of rags containing an Enchanter's Footing. You'll also receive the Creatures codex entry for Shade.

8 - Hidden Chasind Cache

9 - Pile of Rocks

10 - Hurlock Alpha

You'll be attacked here by a hurlock alpha and some regular hurlocks and genlocks. The hurlock alpha will drop an Enchanted Dagger and more when he dies.

11 - Grey Warden Archive

  1. Path to Ostagar.


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