Blackstone Irregulars Quest: Scraping the Barrel
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You can receive this quest from any of the Blackstone Irregulars boxes (in Lothering, Redcliffe, or the Denerim Market District).


For this quest you'll need to track down three people who have pledged their support to the Irregulars, and ensure that they honor their oaths. The three people are:
  • Dernal Garrison. You'll find him in a house on the eastern side of Redcliffe.
  • Patter Gritch. You'll find him in the back of the chantry in Lothering.
  • Varel Baern. You'll find him next to the entrance bridge in the Elven Alienage.
You won't need to do anything to convince the recruits to keep their promise. They'll just take their Letter of Conscription (which you'll receive when you accept the quest) and head off to join the Irregulars.

Once you've made your deliveries, when you return to any Blackstone Irregulars liaison (in Redcliffe or the Denerim Market District), you'll receive 1 sovereign and 175 xp.


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Part 2: Ostagar


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