Chanter's Board Quest: Jowan's Intention
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You'll automatically receive this quest once you've cured Arl Eamon of Jowan's poison (at the end of the quest "Urn of Sacred Ashes"), provided that Jowan wasn't killed or captured in Redcliffe Castle.


The job notice (which you can read on the chanter's board in the Denerim Market District) will ask you to "evaluate" and "remove" any threat that Jowan might pose. However, as of version 1.03, this quest is broken, and you'll never meet Jowan.

If you're playing on the PC, then you can force the encounter to happen. To do this, you'll have to enable the command console by creating a new shortcut to daorigins.exe (not the launcher you normally use) and adding the extension "-enabledeveloperconsole" (without quotes) to it. That is, the target field of the shortcut should look something like:

"C:\Program Files\Dragon Age\bin_ship\daorigins.exe" -enabledeveloperconsole

Once you've started the game with the console enabled, you'll need to press the backtick key <`> to turn it on. Then you'll need to type "runscript zz_ran_debug" (again without quotes) and press . If everything is working correctly, then you won't see anything when you type (and none of the keys you press will do anything in the game), but after entering the command you'll start a dialogue that will let you select "1. Forest" and "4. Jowan." Making those two selections will take you to Jowan.

When you encounter Jowan, he'll be with some refugees fighting blight wolves and a pair of "yellow" bereskarns. After the battle, when you talk to Jowan, you'll have two ways to proceed: you can kill him, or you can let him go. Either way, you won't see Jowan again, and when you return to any chanter's board representative (in Redcliffe or the Denerim Market District), you'll receive 3 sovereigns and 175 xp.


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