Quest: Lost to the Memories
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You'll receive this quest from Orta in the Shaperate (located in the Orzammar Diamond Quarter).


Orta will tell you that she believes that she's a descendant of House Ortan, but that all records of the House were lost during the last Blight. She'll then ask you to search for the records during your travels in the Deep Roads. You won't be allowed to enter the Deep Roads until you've progressed far enough in Orzammar's main questline.

You'll find the Ortan Records in an Ortan Thaig Chest in the Ortan Thaig (in the area south of Ruck's camp). When you deliver the records to Orta, she'll find her grandparents' names listed, and she'll rush off to the Chamber of the Assembly (located in the Orzammar Diamond Quarter) to make her claim. When you follow her there, she'll promise you riches once she's had a chance to send an expedition to the Ortan Thaig, but she won't have anything to spare now. However, if you press her for a reward, then she'll give you 5 sovereigns.

Talking to Orta in the Chamber of the Assembly will complete the quest and earn you 250 xp. But if you return to Orta after completing Orzammar's main questline, and after leaving and returning to Orzammar, then she'll reward you with an additional 10 sovereigns and an additional 250 xp. "Walk well, and may fortune always smile on you, Grey Warden."


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