Chanter's Board Quest: Loghain's Push
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You'll receive this quest from the chanter's board in the Denerim Market District.


The notice on the board will mention an upcoming battle between Teyrn Loghain's forces and "threats to our nation." The notice will ask people to support Loghain's soldiers, but you'll see the notice in the opposite light, as a way to thwart at least one of Loghain's plans.

The quest will take place at a location called "Civil War" on the world map. When you get there, you'll witness the start of a battle between Bann Telmen's forces and Loghain's forces. The two sides will be identically matched, so you shouldn't have any trouble swaying the outcome into Telmen's favor. None of the dead soldiers will drop much, and none of the surviving soldiers will say much.

After the battle, when you return to any chanter's board representative (in Lothering, Redcliffe, or the Denerim Market District), you'll receive 2 sovereigns and 175 xp.


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