Location: Lake Calenhad Docks

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The Circle mages are one of four allies you'll need to recruit before you can deal with the Blight. To reach the mages, you'll need to stop at the docks here and convince Carroll (#1) to take you across the lake to the Circle Tower. Everything else at this location is optional.

1 - Carroll

Carroll won't want to take you to the Circle Tower. If you can't change his mind via intimidation or persuasion, then chances are one of your companions will convince him for you. Sten will use cookies.

2 - Landmark Boat

If you make your mabari war hound the active character and click on the boat, then the war hound will gain Mabari Dominance for the duration of its stay at the docks.

3 - Sammael the Deserter

Sammael is involved in the quest Dereliction of Duty.

4 - Kester

Kester was the ferryman at the docks, before being replaced by Carroll (#1). If you talk to Kester, then you'll learn a few things about the mages and their tower, including that something bad seems to have happened there recently.

5 - Mages' Collective Liaison

The liaison will introduce you to the Mages' Collective, a group of mages working outside the Circle and the Chantry, who sometimes need odd jobs done. If you agree to help them out, then you'll find five quests in the bag next to the liaison: Careless Accusations, Herbal Magic, Notice of Termination, Places of Power, and Thy Brother's Killer. Talking to the liaison will also give you the Quest-Related codex entry for The Mages' Collective.

6 - The Spoiled Princess

You'll meet a few people in the tavern, but they might not have a whole lot to say to you. Larana is involved in the quest Notices of Death. The innkeeper is involved in the quest Urn of Sacred Ashes. You can also pickpocket a Bad Luck Charm from the innkeeper. Despite it sounding like an item that you should immediately get rid of, as far as we can tell the Bad Luck Charm has little or no effect on the game.

In a locked chest in the tavern, you'll also find a Love Letter. If this is your first Love Letter, then picking it up will give you the Notes codex entry for Correspondence Interruptus. You'll need a dozen Love Letters for the quest Correspondence Interruptus.

7 - Scavenger

The scavenger is involved in the quest The Sword of the Beresaad. You'll only find him here while you're on the quest.

  1. World exit.


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