Location: Denerim Miscellaneous Zones

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These small zones in Denerim are all optional, but you'll complete some quests in them, plus gain some loot and xp from clearing them out, and so they're worthy to visit before heading off to the Village of Haven.

Note: The Dark Alley, the Run-Down Back Street, and the Pearl will start out unlocked. To unlock the Dirty Back Alley, you'll need to accept the quest Back Alley Justice from the chanter's board in the Denerim Market District. To unlock the Deserted Building, you'll need to loot Ser Friden's corpse (#6).

1 - Bandit Attacks

You'll need to defeat the bandits in these three spots for the quest Back Alley Justice.

2 - Blood Mage Doors

You'll need to mark these doors for the quest Blood of Warning.

3 - Hooded Couriers

The couriers are involved in the quest Grease the Wheels.

4 - Quaint Hovel

The hovel is involved in the quest Unbound.

5 - Tania

Tania is involved in the quest Notices of Death.

6 - Ser Friden's Corpse

When you loot the corpse, you'll acquire Ser Friden's Journal, which will trigger the quest "The Last Request." To complete the quest, you'll need to travel to the Deserted Building (which will now appear on the Denerim map), and defeat all of the blood mages that you'll find there.

You'll encounter blood mages in several places in the building (#8, #9). Each time you face them, you should always gang up on the blood mages first, and then worry about any mercenaries with them. If there are multiple blood mages, then you should split up your party to make sure that at least one character is attacking each mage.

You won't get a reward for completing the quest, but you will get a decent amount of xp for clearing out the building, and you'll also find some useful loot -- like a Dalish Battery (#9) and a Magister's Shield (#11) -- while you're inside.

7 - Dirty Hovel

Inside the hovel you'll meet Layson the Deserter, who is involved in the quest Dereliction of Duty.

8 - Blood Mages

9 - Blood Mage Leader

The blood mage leader will drop a Dalish Battery, a Bedroom Key (which will open the door at #10), and close to three sovereigns when he dies.

10 - Locked Door

You can use the Bedroom Key (#9) to open this door, or you can simply pick the lock.

11 - Chest

Inside this chest you'll find the Magister's Shield and more. Picking up the shield will give you the Items codex entry for The Magister's Shield.

12 - Bouncer

The bouncer won't say anything to you, but for some reason you won't be able to enter the room with him until you've defeated Paedaen (#17) in battle. On the counter near the bouncer you'll find a book that will give you the Culture and History codex entry for The Anderfels.

13 - Sanga

Sanga is the owner of the brothel. For 30-40 silvers, she'll allow you to sleep with a man, a woman, or a "surprise." Alistair and Leliana won't approve of this (at least the first time you do it), but Oghren will. Near Sanga you'll find a book that will give you the Culture and History codex entry for Culture of Ferelden.

Note: You can pickpocket a Headband from Sanga.

14 - White Falcon Mercenaries

The White Falcon mercenaries are involved in the quest "Pearls before Swine," which you can pick up from Sergeant Kylon in the Denerim Market District.

15 - Isabella

When you first enter the brothel, you'll witness Isabella driving off a trio of ruffians, and you'll learn that she's a duelist. If you then play a game of cards with her (and pass one of the numerous rogue checks involved), or if you persuade her to sleep with you, then she'll teach you the duelist specialization.

Note: Under the right circumstances, you can convince Alistair, Leliana or Zevram (or even two of the three) to join you when you sleep with Isabella. For this to work, you'll need to encourage Leliana and Alistair to be less idealistic (which you can do after completing their quests), and you'll need to have slept with them at the party camp. Zevram won't need much in the way of convincing.

On a table near Isabella you'll find a book that will give you the Books and Songs codex entry for Dane and the Werewolf.

16 - Sal the Grinder

Sal will appear here with a body bag if you're working on the quest Solving Problems. Also in the room you'll find a locked chest containing a Love Letter. You'll need Love Letters for the quest Correspondence Interruptus.

17 - Paedan

To enter Paedan's room, you'll need to learn the password, which you can pick up from the Grey Warden Poster in the Denerim Market District. However, once inside you'll discover that Paedan isn't leading an underground movement in support of the Grey Wardens -- he's set a trap for their supporters, and he'll be thrilled to meet you. After the battle, you'll find Paedan's Orders on his corpse.

Note: Paedan is involved in the quest The Trial of Crows, but it's safe to kill him before triggering the quest.

  1. World (Denerim city) exit.


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