Quest: A Mother's Hope
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You'll receive this quest from Filda in the Orzammar Commons.


Filda will tell you that her son Ruck entered the Deep Roads five years ago, and that he hasn't been seen since. She'll then ask you to search for him, and determine if he's still alive or not. You won't be allowed to enter the Deep Roads until you've progressed far enough in Orzammar's main questline.

You'll find Ruck in the Ortan Thaig. He'll be somewhat crazy from eating darkspawn flesh, and it's possible that he'll attack you or you'll attack him. If Ruck survives, then he'll ask you to lie to his mother and tell her that he's dead. When you return to Filda, regardless of what you tell her, and regardless of whether Ruck is alive or dead, she'll reward you with Ruck's Shield and 100 xp. You can also lie to Filda and tell her that you didn't find anything, but you won't receive a reward for this option.


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