Mages' Collective Quest: Careless Accusations
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You can pick up this quest from the Mages' Collective bag at the Lake Calenhad Docks or in Redcliffe. The Redcliffe bag will only appear after you've rescued the village from undead attacks.


For this quest you'll need to track down some "false witnesses" and stop them from reporting to the Chantry in Denerim. You'll run into the witnesses during a random encounter on the world map. The witnesses will start out friendly to you, and this will give you four ways to deal with them:
  • You can lie to the witnesses and persuade them to give you the report that they were planning to deliver to Denerim.

  • You can intimidate the witnesses and convince them to turn around and go home.

  • You can kill the witnesses (including a mage who you should target first). The battle shouldn't be too tough, and you'll find a Seal of Rat Red on the leader.

  • You can let the witnesses continue on their way, but forgo the reward for the quest.
As long as you stop the witnesses in some way, you'll be rewarded with 2 sovereigns and 175 xp when you return to any of the Mage's Collective liaisons (at the Lake Calenhad Docks, Redcliffe, or the Denerim Market District).


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