Severed Hand - Wizard Tower

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1 - Floor 1

Upon entering you will see five blue glowing balls floating in the air. You must solve this puzzle before you can proceed to the remaining floor. If you choose incorrectly every party member will be struck by lightning. The correct sequence to select the balls is to picture a star, with the starting point at the top. Click on the top ball, then the bottom right ball, left most side ball, right most side ball, bottom left ball, then the top ball again. If you have not returned to Vese Nejj, Level 2, you can do so now to complete this quest. He will then ask for your assistance in obtaining a few of Orrick the Grey's possessions. He will ask for:
  • Orrick's Spellbook - Floor 2
  • Orrick's Book of Mythal - Floor 3
  • Laurrel's Bones - Floor 4
DO NOT attack anyone in this tower.

2 - Floor 2

You will find Orrick's Spellbook on this floor.

3 - Floor 3

You will find Orrick's Book of Mythal and the Tome of Ilmater on this floor.

4 - Floor 4

If you have accepted the quest from Vese Nejj to acquire Orrick's possessions do not talk with Orrick until you have returned to Vese Nejj. When you return from Vese you can now speak with Orrick and confess that you assisted Vese Nejj. He will inform you that you have to cleanse the Radiant Pool, Level 3, in order to weaken Isair and Madae. You can also ask him to assist Puddy Talltale with a safe passage home. You will find Laurrel's Bones on this floor.