Kuldahar Pass

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1 - Landing Site

This is where you will land in Kuldahar Pass on Oswald's Airship. Immediately upon departing you will be confronted by Hiepherus. After a lengthy discussion he will depart and you will be attacked by the Wights in the surrounding area. This first battle isn't overly difficult. Conserve your spells and health potions for defeating the Wight Lords, Wraiths, Wights and Khavros the Black that are infesting this whole map. Plan for numerous battles while exploring the area. You should battle your way to the Watchtower first.

2 - The Watchtower

At the Watchtower you will find numerous Undead trying to battle their way inside. You will have to defeat all of them before you can enter. Upon entering you will find Nathaniel and Jermsy. Talk with Nathaniel to learn about Mother Egenia and how to put her spirit to rest, how Gerbash traveled to Kuldahar with the Watchtower key, and how to enter Hrothgar's Glen to defeat Hiepherus. Nathaniel will remove the ward preventing you from entering Hrothgar's Glen. He will also offer you a place to rest and heal. You will also be asked to check if Iselore, Sheemish and Conlan are alive in Kuldahar.

3 - Mother Egenia's Home

Here you will find the spirit of Mother Egenia. She will only appear at night. You may speak with her now, but will be unable to finish the quest until you have spoken with Iselore in Kuldahar. After you have spoken with Iselore you can return at night and tell Mother Egenia all that you know of Madae and Isair. If you have learned enough information you will be able to put her spirit to rest. Return and inform Nathaniel.

4 - Hrothgar's Glen

This is the entrance to Hrothgar's Glen. It is warded from entry until you have spoken with Nathaniel in the Watchtower.

5 - Exit to Kuldahar

Here you will exit to Kuldahar. Be prepared for an immediate battle.