Ice Temple Level Two

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1 - Stairs From Level One

Throughout this level you will find wandering Aurilites and Polar Bears. Be careful that you do not move too fast and agro a lot of them at once.

2 - Lysara's Bedroom

This is Lysara's bedroom, you defeated her on level one. Inside is an Ice Golem Champion. Inside the chest is her journal which explains the Kuldahar painting and other places in this level.

3 - Cathin's Bedroom

The door to Cathin's bedroom is trapped. Inside the room you will find weapons, armor, bolts, and scrolls. Some of the weapons and armor you cannot take.

4 - Prism Room

Inside this room are scattered Aurilites and Soarsman. Before you look at the Prism go into the rooms to the right and clear out any Aurilites, Soarsman and Necromancers. The northern room is accessed by a secret door from the machinery room. Now you can look at the Prism, notice the controls in the upper left corner of the room. Do not use these controls yet.

5 - Nickademus

This is Nickademus' bedroom. He will be asleep and will take a while to wake up. He will tell you about the Prism, Kuldahar painting, and other information. You can also ask him about Aeij-Kllenzr't (Caged Fury). He will offer you aid in exchange for a later favor. Your options will be: help defeating Aeij-Kllenzr't, magical items, or experience. It's best to not choose any at this time. You can rest here.

6 - Coffin Room

This room is filled with coffins and Shadows. They aren't too difficult but there are a lot of them. If any of your party members has turn Undead, now would be a good time to use it. You can also note that three of the coffins have the Lysara, Oria and Cathin's name on them. A secret door is on the upper left side of the room. Make sure the this door stays open.

7 - Talisman

Along the north wall are the Talisman inside the Mirror of Life Trapping. They do not seem enthused to see you. At the end of the room are three mirrors; one is another charred mirror. The other two mirrors can be broken, the bottom one will inflict Bad Luck on whoever breaks it and the top one will release the Talisman. They will attack when released. You can choose to leave them inside the mirror but they will leave some good items if killed. The only ones that can be a problem are the mystic, warrior, assassin, and bishop. Good spells to use on them are sleep, entangle, confusion and web.

8 - Battle Squares

Inside this room are some Aurilites and an Ice Golem Champion that you will have to defeat. There is a Ice Golem standing in the middle of squares that is not hostile. You will notice numbered levers along the west and north walls. At the bottom west corner you will find three levers. The bottom most lever is the mode activator, the next lever up is for temple maintenance and the next lever is for inner sanctum. To use Battle Squares you have to push both the temple maintenance and inner sanctum levers. The party member that you use to push the mode activator lever is the one that will have to choose a square and do battle, the rest of the party will be transported outside.

The party member will have 60 seconds to defeat the monster. There are five levels for each of the ten ranks. For each level you have to complete a certain number of squares in a row (horizontal or diagonal). The last square in the row has to be the last square to win the battle. Level 1 needs three squares, Level 2 needs four squares, Level 3 needs five squares, Level 4 needs six squares and Level 5 needs seven squares. After you have completed all five levels for that rank then you can move to the next. The monsters will vary in each rank; some can be very difficult. Each time you complete a rank you will receive an item and experience. You only have to complete the first level of rank one to move forward in the game. Upon completing the first battle you will receive Oria's key.

9 - Oria's Bedroom

Now you can open the door to Oria's bedroom. Immediately you will be attacked by Oria and four Winter Wolves. Focus your battle on the Winter Wolves first then on Oria. When she has taken some damage she will start talking with you. She will break her Staff of Power transform into Oria's Essence. Run to the Battle Squares room and activate the Inner Sanctum mode. You can have one person do this or your whole party. If your whole party or the person that she is attacking goes she will follow and continually deactivate the Inner Sanctum mode while you are fighting. She can be easily defeated now. You will have to deactivate the mode to return and loot her corpse for Wand of Magic Missiles, Traveler's Robe and some scrolls. If you fought in the Battle Squares room you will need to return to her bedroom for any loot.

10 - Treasure Room

Now it's time to use the Prism to open the locked door to the Treasure room. Go back to the Prism and use the bottom lever to aim it south. Use the top lever to fire. Make sure that no one is standing in front of the Prism and that you left the secret door in the Coffin room open. When the Prism's blast hits the door it will become unlocked. Inside is an Ice Golem Champion and a lot of crates. Some of the items in the crates are cursed, but you will find Nathaniel's Bag of Holding.

11 - Kuldahar Painting

This is stairs leading to the Kuldahar Painting. Answer the painting with "In Auril's name...".

12 - Oria's Treasure Room

You will be transported to Oria's Treasure room. This room also has an Ice Golem Champion. The door and crates are trapped. You will find a lot of gold, loot and Nathaniel's Ring of the Ram.

13 - Aeij-Kllenzr't (Caged Fury)

Before you begin this section make sure all of your party members are rested. Return to the Kuldahar Painting and speak "Lysan". You will be transported to the room outside of the alter. Have one member stand in the "Shadow" while the others open the hallway door. The member that stands in the "Shadow" will take considerable damage, so open the door and move out of it quickly.

In the hallway to the north of the Prism room you will find a charred mirror that you need to turn to face west (left). You now need to decide if you wish to have Nickademus' help with Aeij-Kllenzr't. If you do he will give you some spell protection, if not take the spells or experience. Return to the Prism and face it north. After making sure your party is out of the way, fire it. Now return to the alter room. Whoever enters the room first will speak with Aeij-Kllenzr't. As soon as possible speak his true name, Caged Fury. The door will close trapping the member inside with a wind vortex. You can not damage the vortex so it's best to try and stay out of its path. The door will open upon it's departure. Have a member step into the returned "Shadow" and open the hallway door again. You will be attacked by Polar Bears, Aurilites and Barbarians.

Return to any rooms that were missed, killing everything and collecting loot. Return to Level One and tell the Abishai leader that Caged Fury is dead for an experience gain.

NOTE: If you have items that Oswald is making return to him before you speak with Nathaniel.

Return to Nathaniel to inform him that Lysara, Oria and Cathin are dead, return his Bag of Holding, and his Ring of the Ram. When you leave the temple you will watch a scene of Nathaniel blasting through the Ice Barrier. Captain Dammel and Captain Mariner will appear. You have letters for both of them. When Captain Mariner reads his letter it will explode exposing him as a Doppelganger, leading you into what turns out to be an easy battle. After clearing out your inventory with Zack and resting up you are ready to proceed to Chapter Three through the opening.