Severed Hand - Officer Tower

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1 - Floor 1

This floor has Chimeras guarding the door. Inside are Orog Sprawg, Sprawgs and Half-Goblins. They will not attack unless you do first. You can finish the game without killing any of them.

2 - Floor 2

You will find Morvyn training monks in this room. Two Apocalyptic Boneguards will be at the door. Again they will not attack and you can finish the game without killing them. If you do attack be aware that Morvyn casts Stun and Quivering Palm frequently.

3 - Floor 3

This room has no enemy. You will find several useful spells for later.

4 - Floor 4

On your first visit to this floor you will meet Bisbe. He will speak of Pudu, Captain of the Guard, who will be arriving shortly. When you later visit to obtain the key to Floor 4 of the War Tower you will encounter Pudu and Vyxein. Vyxein will cast some nasty spells; disable to kill her immediately. On Pudu's corpse you will find the key.