Barrow Wight - Fell Wood

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1 - Suoma

When you return to Suoma after completing the Missing Children quest she will ask you to assist Tahvo the Hunter.

2 - Tahvo the Hunter

Tahvo will tell you that a Barrow Wight is haunting the hunting grounds. They keep slaying it but, it keeps returning. He asks that you put the Wight to rest.

3 - Barrow Wight (Sordirskin)

The Barrow Wight will mistakenly think that you stole his horn and try to start a fight. Tell him that you will help him find it. Do not try to loot him; Wights will appear and attack you.

Return to the village and speak with Pairi. She will say that some explorers went into the Fell Woods and never returned. She says that they looked more like bandits.

5 - Exit to Fell Woods

You must once again travel to the Fell Woods. On the next map take the bottom left exit. You now need to travel the paths that lead to Carynara once again. If she did not tell you before how to travel farther into the Fell Woods speak with her again now. Be cautious of respawn.

Go to this section to traverse the Fell Woods to find Sordirskin's Horn.

Fell Wood - Sordirskin's Horn

Once you have found Sordirskin's Horn return to the Wandering Village map. Return the horn to Sordirskin. He will disappear and you can now loot his belongings. You will find chainmail armor, gold and Wight's Blade. When you return to the village Nym will say he is leaving and warns you about the Legion of Chimera. Tell Tahvo that the Barrow Wight is put to rest. Return to Suoma and she will give you the next quest: Kyosti's Ghost.