Carynara - Fell Wood

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A - Hunter Ghost Path

You will find a Hunter's Ghost upon entering this area. He will warn you about the dangers of the Fell Woods. He also says that you can take the west exit from any path to leave the Fell Woods. From this path take the north east exit.

B - Tree Stump Path With Beehive

This path has a tree stump in the center. There is a beehive inside of the stump. You can loot the stump but the bees will attack. They are more annoying than anything. Take the north exit.

C - Tree Stump Path

You will again find yourself in a path with a tree stump in the center. This path will have Restless Dead that attack. They will respawn each time you visit this path. Take the east exit.

D - Tree Stump Path

This path will be identical to the one you just left. It will also have Restless Dead that attack. Take the east exit again.

E - Carynara Path

You have now reached Carynara. Before she appears you will again be attacked by Restless Dead. You can ask her about Limha and she will say that she has seen a woman taking children into her tent. If you are trying to find Sordirskin's Horn you can ask her how to travel farther into the woods. Carynara will watch over you while you rest. Exit to the west to return to the Wandering Village.