Black Raven Monastery

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1 - Arrival

As you enter you will be approached by Salisam Harbrush. He asks why you have entered the Monastery. If you accepted the quest from Barud Barzam you can tell him you are here to kill all of the monks. This will, of course, cause all of the monks to attack. You can also tell him that you are here to use the Underdark Passage. He will tell you to talk with Aruma Blane and to return to him after talking with her. You will gain more experience and a better storyline if you choose to not kill all of the monks now, but you can acquire more loot if you choose to kill them.

2 - Storage Room

You will have to pick this doors lock to enter. Inside you will find Ven, who is posing as a monk in order to rob them. He will offer to share the loot if you don't turn him in. If you accept he will disappear and return later; which will lead to a dangerous battle. You can make a deal with him and he will give you Nonin's ring. You may also kill him now. The best action is to make the deal and accept the ring. Inside the room you will find various loot; including Ryomaru's Harmless Staff.

3 - Nonin

You will find Nonin in the kitchen area. He will offer healing. You may have to talk with him several times to trigger him asking about his ring. He will give you a few Extra Healing Potions for returning his ring. If you were not able to pick the Storage room door, offer him another ring and he will give you the key.

4 - Library

Inside the Library is Bered. He can give you a lot of information on the Monastery's history. He has a lot of spell scrolls and books for sell.

5 - Sersa

If you need to rest you can ask Sersa and she will for a fee. If you ask why she is training here instead of with the other monks she says that Svaltid refuses to train her. If you have a member with high diplomacy they can persuade him to continue her training. She will then let you rest for free. Svaltid can be found in the Training room to the northeast.

6 - Aruma Blane

Here you will find Aruma Blane. She is talking with Dolon Daemba. Dolon has been sent by the Legion of Chimera to persuade the Black Raven Monks to support them. Aruma tells you that the Underdark Passage can only be used by Black Raven Monks and they are not accepting any initiates.

Return to Salisam and inform him of what Aruma said. He will tell you that Aruma is not their true leader, Ormis is. Ormis has gone to the Severed Hand to meet with the Legion at Dolon's request. Salisam asks for your help in removing Aruma from power. If you accept he will let you take the Eight Chambers challenge. If you pass you may enter the passages.

7 - Dolon Daemba's Bedroom

You will need to pick the door's lock to enter. Inside is a locked chest with some loot and memoirs explaining Dolon's mission. He is to cause dissension among the monks.

At this point you have several options of how to proceed.

1. Take the memoirs to Aruma and confront her and Dolon with them. She will become angry with Dolon and he will apologize. They will leave the Monastery and Salisam will be in charge. He will now let you take the Eight Chambers challenge. This option gives the most experience gain.

2. You can warn Aruma of Salisam's plot. She will confirm your story then banish Salisam and his followers. If you wish to confront him and his followers they will be outside the Monastery. Aruma now lets you take the Eight Chambers challenge.

3. You can show the memoirs to Salisam and then inform Aruma of his plot. She will banish him and his followers. Now show her the memoirs and she will become very angry. She gives you the option to fight or leave. If you choose to leave you will have to fight Salisam and his followers outside, then return inside where Aruma and the monks attack when she sees you. If you choose to fight, all of the monks will attack. Either way you can retrieve the key to the passageway from her body. If you accepted Barud's quest then return to him for your experience gain.

8 - Eight Chambers Entrance

This is the exit to reach the Eight Chambers area.