Severed Hand - Cleric Tower

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1 - Floor 1

This floor has statues of several gods. The middle statue is of Iyachtu Xvim. The statue to the left of Iyachtu Xvim is where you will perform the Ilmater ritual. You will be confronted by Yquog and 3 Goblin Whelps and 2 Young Barghest Whelps. Talk to Yquog and use the dead bodies that you collected to frighten him. Yquog has high melee damage resistance and likes to use Sunfire spells.

2 - Floor 2

You will find 4 Ruinlords, 2 Xvim Slayer Knights and 2 Hatemasters in this room. Focus your attention on the 2 Xvim Slayer Knights first. Then defeat the remaining enemies. Do not step into the circle in the middle of the room. Your party will be struck by an intense lightning bolt repeatedly. You will need one Xvim Holy Symbol on each party member before you can use this portal. You will receive several of the Xvim Holy Symbols from the corpses. You will find Xvim Holy Symbols at these locations:

3 - Floor 3

You will find a worshipping ceremony taking place on this floor. As you enter they will begin to attack. You will have to defeat Half-Dragons, Ruinlords, Half-Orcs, Elven Dread Warriors, and Ruinlord Majzom Col. Majzom Col will cast Panic spells on your party members; disable or kill him first. You will find several Xvim Holy Symbols on the corpses.

4 - Floor 4

You will not be able to visit this floor until you have found an Xvim Holy Symbol for each of your party members and have put it in their bags. When you have done so, step onto the portal on Floor 2 and you will be transported to this floor. Be prepared to a nasty battle immediately. You will be surrounded by many enemies and ghosts of past ones. Included you'll find Guthma, Sherincal, Beastlord Harsham and Tyrannar. Focus on Tyrannar, the Evil Clerics and any spellcasters. Tyrannar will casts Harm on your party. Plan your strategy early, each of these were difficult alone and more so all together. After the battle you will find Monk's Antidote, for Ormis Dohor in the War Tower.