Severed Hand - Final Battle

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1 - Isair and Madae's Throne Chamber

As you descend from Floor 4 of the War Tower you will meet Buvai. He will transport your party to meet with Isair and Madae. Before you leave Floor 4 prepare your party for this upcoming battle. Mass Haste and Holy Aura are crucial spells. Make as many of your party members Invisible as soon as possible after the battle starts. Madae will cast Blasphemy immediately and causes acid damage with her attacks. Isair will go Invisible and causes disease, stun and poison with his attacks. Isair and Madae will be joined by Buvai, Drow Elves, Demon Knight Serak, Chimera, and numerous other creatures. Immediately after the battle starts head towards the door and to the right to find Buvai. He will continuously summon creatures until he is dead. If you are not quick enough all of your party members will be caught in Madae's Blasphemy spell.

After Buvai is dead focus your attention on the other followers in the room. Cast Antimagic scrolls on Isair and Madae and anything that will prevent them from casting spells. Summon as many creatures to help as possible. You will be joined by Monks from Ormis Dohor that will also attack the enemy. Be watchful that your summoned creatures do not attack them if they are dominated. They can assist greatly in the battle. Once you have gotten rid of everyone but Isair and Madae focus your attention on one of them. They have an extreme amount of damage resistance. When you have gotten the one you are attacking down to a low level of health they will port away to the Radiant Pool room. You will watch a scene of them trying to use the cleansed water. Regroup your party and proceed to the Radiant Pool room. You will not be able to rest beforehand.

2 - Radiant Pool Room

As you approach the Radiant Pool room you will be ported inside to face Isair, Madae, Chimera, Gelugons and several other creatures. After a brief dialogue you will once again be in battle. If you still have summoned creatures you can run back to the Throne room and they will follow. Madae might again cast Blasphemy. Again focus your attention on the followers first. Disable or interrupt Isair and Madae until the rest are dead. Now focus on whichever one you had previously. When that twin reaches a low health level they both will start to warp away along with the Severed Hand. Orrick will appear and explain what is happening to Madae, Isair and the Severed Hand. He tells you to leave immediately.

3 - Exit

Exit out of the Severed Hand. Congratulations, you have saved the Ten-Towns!