Outside Black Raven Monastery

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1 - Arrival

As you enter this map you will see the Black Raven Monastery looming before you.

2 - First Bridge

Be very careful crossing the bridge. Your members can fall through doing damage to themselves. You can walk each individual member across; watching out for holes and loose boards.

3 - White Wyrms

The White Wyrms in this area will not attack you unless you loot their nest for the Wyrm eggs. If you do loot the nest then they will all attack at once. The Wyrm egg can be used later on to make a potion by someone with high Alchemy.

4 - Second Bridge

As before this bridge is also dangerous. Be careful crossing it, on the other side are a lot of Tundra Yetis and Ferocious Tundra Yetis. You can send one member across and lure them to you on the other side; trapping them on the bridge for an easier battle. Just be aware that others may join from the cave behind them.

5 - Cave Entrance

Enter through this cave to reach the Black Raven Monastery entrance. Make sure that you have taken care of all the Yetis before entering.

6 - Black Raven Entrance

This is the entrance into the Black Raven Monastery.