Z'Hinda Citadel

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1 - Arrival

This is where you enter the Z'Hinda Citadel. Upon entering you will be attacked by Abdoshanheth, a Mind Flayer. He will have Duergar Thralls, Minotaur Thralls and Drow Archer Thralls with him. Focus your attention on Abdoshanheth first, then the others. Once he is dead the others are not difficult to defeat. Throughout the area you will find Lightning Generators; which shoot blasts of Lightning at your party. You can use a Thief to disarm them and retrieve the Diamond that is hidden within. They are resistant to all forms of magical damage. You will also see Mind Golems walking around. They emit a mind-numbing green fog. They will not attack unless you do. If you attack them make sure that there are not Mind Flayers in the immediate area. They will use the fog to cast dominate spells. At various locations you might encounter more Mind Flayers and thralls.

2 - Forge

You will find a magical forge that can be used to create a Masterwork Battle Axe. You can also loot the cabinets without the thralls attacking.

3 - Mindflayers

Four Mindflayers are in this room. You will overhear a conversation between them and the Elder Brain. These are easy to defeat, just watch out for their Domination spells.

4 - Exit

This is where you will exit this map. It is guarded by a Mindflayer, Formorian Giant and thralls. After talking with the Mindflayer he attacks. Again kill the Mindflayer first to prevent him from dominating any party members. Then dispatch the Formorian Giant and thralls. The exit will be locked and you cannot exit now.

5 - Elder Brain

Before you enter this area make sure that you have dealt with all of the Mindflayers and Thralls in the outer areas. If not they will come to defend the Elder Brain. As you approach the Elder Brain will speak with the first character to enter. It is possible to make a deal with it if your character has a high Intimidation skill. The best action, experience wise, is to defeat the Elder Brain. The Elder Brain also uses Dominate spells, but with more effectiveness. It can make your characters completely helpless. The surrounding Thralls will also attack. The best course of action is to engage the Elder Brain in battle then retreat away to kill the oncoming Thralls. After you have defeated the Thralls you can then attack the Elder Brain. The exit door will now open.

Heal your party before leaving this map.