Shaengarne Ford

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1 - Arrival

As soon as you enter this area you will be attacked by a Highland Snake. This should be a pretty easy kill.

2 - House

Here you will encounter a Verbeeg. This also is a pretty easy kill. Search the house for some loot.

3 - Split Trail

As you approach the split trail a Wererat will appear and say that he is warning the enemy. He will block the path to the left with a boulder.

4 - Gaernat Sharptooth

First you will find two Harpies and a few Wererats. Be careful of the Harpies Fear spells. Now move forward along the trail and you will meet Gaernat Sharptooth. He will say that he rules the path, but you have to fight him no matter what you reply. With him are an Orc Shaman, Orc Archers, Werebadgers and a Wererat. This battle can be tough. I used the narrowness of the path to funnel the enemy to me and used my ranged weapon and spell characters to take out as many as they could.

5 - Campsite

Inside the campsite you will find Orc Archers, Orc Shaman, Wererats, Spiders and a Spider Queen. Take out the Orc Shaman first then work on the Orc Archers. The Spiders and Spider Queen are easily killed. At the campsite you will find a Leather Armor of Movement.

6 - Exit

Exit onward to the Shaengarne Dam. Rest your party before proceeding. Be aware that sometimes when you rest it will be interrupted by one of the enemies that is in that area. It's usually not too many or difficult to defeat.