Targos Docks

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A generation after the events of Icewind Dale finds a new band of unlikely heroes in the port town of Luskan - and down on their luck. Not long after their arrival in Luskan, however, the party hears of work to be found in one of the Ten-Towns - the port city of Targos, which is being threatened by a goblin army that has poured down from the North. This goblinoid army has overwhelmed Bremen and is making its way southwards, destroying everything in their path. The Lord of Targos, Ulbrec Dinnsmore, has sent out a call for soldiers and mercenaries from Luskan and Neverwinter to help defend the town. While the prospect of riches is slight, the promise of adventure is not, and the band soon decides to set sail on the last ship for Targos, a vessel by the name of the Wicked Wench.

1 - Arrival

You will begin your game on the Targos Docks aboard Hedron Kerdos' ship, the Wicked Wench. Hedron will feed you some general information about Targos (evening mentioning that his mother lives here) and then suggest that you seek out the town's lord, Ulbrec Dinnsmore, in one of the manors above the cliffs to the north.

2 - Wounded Soldier

At the end of the pier you will meet Honest Jon and Reig Redwaters. Reig will tell you that his arm was wounded by a Goblin and then ask you to bring him "a supply of healing draughts" from the harbor master, Magdar. He says Magdar can be found in one of the warehouses north of here.

If any of your characters have the ability to heal, you should attempt to heal Reig's arm for an experience point bonus. He will still ask you to bring him a healing potion. During your talk you can also ask him to dispense with some weapons and armor.

3 - Warehouse

Magdar Shenlen can be found immediately inside the warehouse door. He tells you that a supply of healing potions can be found in one of the barrels or crates, he didn't know which. He also gives you permission to take what supplies you find. After he departs, three goblins will attack. The healing potion can be found in the top right corner crate. Miscellaneous start equipment can be found from crates and barrels. Tip: Pressing the Alt key will highlight any that can be opened; some barrels must be attacked to acquire the items inside. Return the healing potion to Reig.

4 - Warehouse at Pier

Upon approaching the pier you will meet a soldier named Brogan. He will inform you that a small band of goblins are within the warehouse, he asks to go fetch reinforcements from the Salty Dog Tavern. You can convince him to let you drive the goblins out of the warehouse. He says they have locked themselves inside and you need to break down the door or pick the lock. Immediately upon entering you will be attacked by goblins. Upon searching you will find a dead cat; keep this for later. A trap door is located in the top left section which leads to the Targos Caves. Talk to Brogan again after completing the caves.

5 - Jorun Tamewater

Jorun Tamewater is a Dwarf Shipbuilder. He will tell you that you can rest in his house and use any equipment that can be found in a trapped chest. This chest will have to be disarmed. He also talks of old caves; which you will have found if you completed Targos Caves. He offers assistance in killing goblins if you lead them back to him.

6 Jorun Tamewater's House

Jorun's house contains a trapped chest and is safe enough that your party can rest up inside whenever needed.

7 The Salty Dog Tavern

Inside the Salty Dog Tavern is a trader named Guthewulfe Henghelm. He will have merchandise that you can purchase and sell any unneeded items. Be sure to ask him about his silver wolf charm. You can challenge him to a drinking contest and win the charm or pickpocket it. You will have to clear the docks of all goblins before entering the drinking contest and he won't play with Dwarves. When selling your items make sure to keep one Warhammer and a bottle of wine. You may also buy or pickpocket a bottle of Braehg; which you will need later. The Iron Collar Mercenaries are drinking it up in the corner. Question them about Kolumn and Phaen. You can purchase drinks from the Tavern Keeper Gohar for some information.

8 - Firtha Kerdos' House

Upon entering Firtha Kerdos' house you will find a small pack of goblins. After killing the goblins Firtha will angrily tell you to get out of her house. Mention Hedron's Ship, the Wicked Wench, and she will ask you to tell Hedron that she was safe. She will also mention that she is blind but has another sort of vision. If you have completed the Targos Caves you can also talk to her about her dead cat. When asked about the troubles in Icewind Dale and the Ten-Towns she will relate a tale to you.

9 - Lighthouse

A few goblin archers can be found around the Lighthouse. There is also a crate in the small ship docked there.

10 - House

Inside the house you'll come across a few goblins and some minor loot.

At this point, you should ensure that you have killed all of the goblins in the area. Your journal will be updated if they are all gone. If so, return to Reig and tell him that the docks are cleared of goblins. Return to Hedron Kerdos and tell him that his Ma is saved.

11 - Exit to Targos Town

You are now ready to exit to Targos Town.