Yuan-ti Temple

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1 - Arrival

You will enter and exit the Yuan-ti Temple here. If you have chosen to not don the Initiate robes you will be attacked by Yuan-ti Priests, Yuan-ti Abominations, Viper Fang Assassins, Yuan-ti Archers, Yuan-ti Elite Fighters and Coiled Cabal Disciples as soon as they spot you. After you have defeated everything you can proceed to the Restless Dead Chamber and battle the Restless Dead to retrieve the last Religious Stele and exit the Yuan-ti Temple. If you have chosen to don the Initiate robes you will encounter guards that will ask you questions. You will have to use the phrases that you learned from Sashkta. There is one question that you did not learn the return phrase. You can learn this from talking with any Initiate. The question and phrase are:
  • What is the black flower of the World
  • Night, fed by the dead of the day

Beware of several trapped corridors. If you enter into the trap you will need to disarm it in order to exit. They will cause damage until you can disarm it. You will also hear some rituals that are taking place in the temple.

2 - Temple Kitchen

In this room you need to speak with Jeszrael about his plans. You will need this information later when speaking with Ojatha. He will also mention the stones used to gain entry into the Yuan-ti Treasure room.

3 - Ashra's Chamber

Inside Ashra's Chamber you will find Ashra and Inhatri teaching Viper Fang Assassins and Coiled Cabal Disciples. Speak with a Viper Fang Assassin to learn more of the code used for the Yuan-ti Treasure room. Speak with Ashra about the Yuan-ti Temple.

4 - Yuan-Ti Treasure Room

You should now have the order to push the stones to open the Yuan-ti Treasure room door. If you did not receive the option to ask about the stones the order is as follows: 10, 5, 2, 3, 6, 9. Stone 11 resets them all, in case you make an error.

  2     6       9    
1     5           10  
    4     7   8      
  3                 11

You will find armor, weapons and scrolls inside.

5 - Ritual Chamber

You will need to time your arrival at the Ritual Chamber when there is not a ritual taking place. You will find several Viper Fang Assassins, Yuan-ti Elite Archers and Yuan-ti Priests. They will not attack you if you are wearing the Initiate robes. Have a character with high hiding skills sneak in and take the Desiccated Hearts from the altar. Drop one heart in the middle of this room. Drop the remaining hearts in the Kitchen and Ashra's Chamber. Do not leave any Desiccated Hearts on your party members.

6 - Restless Dead Chamber

Inside this room you will see the Restless Dead in a pit and the last Religious Stele on the other side. These next few actions will have to be done quickly. You must use the lever to raise the pit. The Restless Dead will go in search of their Desiccated Hearts; fighting any Yuan-ti that gets in their way. Run and pick up the Religious Stele.

7 - Ojatha's Chamber

Proceed quickly to Ojatha's Chamber and engage him in conversation. Reveal that you are going to close the Chult Crossroads. Try to convince him to let Jeszrael and his followers go to Kuldahar. You will not be able to convince him, but you will receive experience for trying. Ojatha will now attack. While you are killing Ojatha the Restless Dead will be taking care of some of the Yuan-tis.

You can now fight your way to the exit or search out any remaining Yuan-tis and kill them. Be careful when fighting the Viper Fang Assassins; they can do considerable damage.

You can now return to the Chult Jungle and call forth The Guardian or return to Kuldahar, if you have killed all of the Yuan-tis.