Crash Site

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1 - Crashed Ship

You begin this chapter onboard Oswald's crashing Airship. Some or all of your party members may be unconscious. As soon as they start to wake you will be attacked by Boring Beetles. These easy to kill. After they are dead try to talk with Oswald. It may take a while for him to respond. Oswald will ask you to collect some items for him to repair his airship. He needs Spider Silk, Thrym extract, Belladonna paste, 2 Diamonds, wood and Iron Ore (any broken armor or Iron Rations will do). Looking through the ship you will find 1 Diamond and Thrym extract. There is a trap in the northeast section of the airship. You are now ready to go outside.

2 - Boring Beetle Nest

Once outside you will start to encounter Boring Beetles. They drop a shell that you can return to Oswald and have him make you lightweight plate mail, field plate mail or full plate mail. The Boring Beetles will keep coming until you destroy their nest. Inside the nest you will find items that were taken from the airship. Be cautious of traps around this whole area. You will also find wood lying around.

3 - Tundra Yeti Camp

Inside the camp are a few Tundra Yetis. They aren't too difficult to kill. Inside the camp you will find a Tending Ivy book, Periapt of Wound Closure, and other loot. The Yetis will also drop a Yeti Pelt; which can also be returned to Oswald for him to make Yeti Gloves, Hat, Scarf, Cloak or Boots.

4 - Beodaewn

Beodaewn is standing in front of a wolf den surrounded by buildings. There are several different ways you can proceed here. You can use Beodaewn as a merchant until you are ready to expose his secret, or confront him about the wolf's den. If you wish to use him as a merchant do not have a Paladin speak with him. If you confront him during the day he will be surrounded by some clerics, who will also attack. If you confront him at night he will be alone. As soon as you expose his secret he will transform into a werewolf. At night the clerics also transform into werewolves, if you find one of the clerics during the day they will speak too much and run off. You can then ask Beodaewn about it and expose him. If you attacked at night and killed Beodaewn the clerics will return in the morning and attack you. You may also search the area and kill them as werewolves. The clerics are easier to kill as werewolves. Beodaewn is a little tougher. The wolf's den is trapped and can cause that member to attack the others.

5 - Captain Yurst

On your way to this point you will be attacked by Frost spiders. They were too difficult to kill. They will drop the Spider Silk that Oswald needs. You will find Captain Yurst lying on the ground surrounded by dead people. He will tell you he is being attacked by some giants to the east.

6 - Giants

Here are the giants that are attacking Captain Yurst. They are Goublika and some Fomorian Giants. If you focus your melee characters on them they aren't difficult. You can now return to Captain Yurst and tell him they are dead. Offer him a healing potion for his injuries and after talking further give him the Periapt of Wound Closure. He will tell you how he came to be there and then he dies. You can then collect his possessions, the Periapt of Wound Closure and a Resistance to Cold scroll. Keep this scroll for use later.

7 - Odea

When approaching this area Odea will start to speak with you. She is the black panther surrounded by druids, rangers and wolves. She will tell you that you cannot proceed to Andora. You can either talk Odea into letting you meet with Illium Ar'Ghrenoir, Andora's protector, or end your conversation and walk past her. She will not attack you at this point.

8 - Illium Ar'ghrenoir

If you talked Odea into letting you meet with Illium the party member speaking will be transported to him. If you walked past her you will find him on top of the ledge. Do not let any of your party members walk through the blue barrier; they will take considerable cold damage. Talk with Illium to glean a lot of information about him and Andora. If you walked past Odea to Illium and have a character with Intimidation or a Ranger you might be able to talk him into removing the barrier to Andora.

If you arranged your meeting through Odea and Illium removes the barrier Sherincal will appear and kill Odea. If Illium does not remove the barrier then he, Odea, the rangers, druids and wolves will attack. This is a pretty tough battle. They will be coming at you from all sides and Odea and Illium are both very difficult. Try to use a Sleep spell on as many as possible to lessen the oncoming attack. You can also use Entangle to slow down the rangers, druids and Odea from reaching your group. They will still use their bows and spells, but that will allow you to focus on Odea and Illium with all of your spells. You cannot walk to where Illium is standing. If you do not kill him he will vanish, but do not worry. After the battle now move your party around to the blue barrier. Use the Resistance to Cold scroll on one of your members and move only them through the barrier. The barrier will then be removed.

9 - Ledge Hole

This is the entrance to reach the Aurilite Rangers that are shooting at you. Towards the west side you will find more Rangers and Illium if you did not kill him earlier. Illium will drop the Belladonna paste that Oswald needs and Hagnen's Folly. You can enter into one of the chambers and find loot on the floor.

Return to Oswald for healing and to give him the items needed to repair the ship, if you have them all. You will need to place them on the table.

10 - Exit

This is the exit to the next section. Prepare your party before moving forward.