Targos Town

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Targos is one of the "Ten-Towns" of Icewind Dale. Situated on the southernmost shore of Maer Dualdon, Targos is a modest fishing settlement on its way to becoming a prominent community in the Dale. While the "town" is far from rivaling the burgeoning metropolises that can be found along the Sword Coast to the south of the Spine of the World Mountains, its location has given the town a distinct advantage over its sister towns. High cliff walls form a protective cove that shelter the town's fishing vessels from the savage winter storms that plague the region. Additionally, the deep waters of the natural harbor allow for the construction of larger ships, which, in turn, have made Targos a leading contender in the race for dominance of the fishing industry. Already, the town's considerable fleet lands more knucklehead trout than the collective catches of all the other fishing villages combined.

1 - Weeping Widow Inn

Talk to the Innkeeper Cahl-Hyred about a woman's spirit haunting one of the upstairs rooms. Offer to help put the ghost to rest and he will give you a key to the room. The spirit can only be found at night. Also ask about Kolumn and the ghost-touched bottle. Offer to identify it for him. He suggests talking to Elytharra, Lord Ulbrec's wife. Upstairs you will find some minor loot and a Masterwork Dagger. Outside you will find Lumbar Grundwall, he is upset about the crane being broken. Offer your assistance.

2 - Gallaway Trading Depot

Inside you will find Deidre who you can purchase or sell supplies. Pickpocket Jeremiah for an amulet called Lucky Knucky.

3 - Lord Ulbrec Dinnsmore's House

In the first room you will meet Lord Ulbrec Dinnsmore. He will be short-tempered until you inform him you have cleared the Docks. He will tell you to report to Shawford Crale, Commander of the Targos Guards, through the north gate at the Palisade. In the room to the right is Elytharra, Lord Ulbrec's wife. She will mention a diviner, Valin Geldencross, who is ill and in the Temple Pavilion. Show her the charred brimstone scroll to identify. She says that it was part of a pair of scrolls that would teleport the holder to the location of the first one. Offer help in locating the traitor. Also have her identify the Cahl-Hyred's ghost-touched bottle to learn that a ghost's tear can be placed within in. Elytharra has scrolls and magic items for sell.

4 - Koluhm's House

Here you will find Kolumn Bonecutter talking to the dead. When confronted with the real use for the ghost-touched bottle he will say that he did not know it was ghost-touched. He also confirms that we could capture a ghost's tear in it and taking it to Elytharra. Talk to him about his compatriot Phaen and his strange loyalties.

5 - Targos Pavilion

Talk to a wounded scout named Gerradun Tanner and agree to take a love letter to Captain Mariner. Talk to Valin and he will mumble something about braehg. (If you did not purchase this at the Salty Dog Tavern you may want to do so now.) Administer the braehg to Valin and he will tell you about trying to scry the location of the goblin fortress. He also gives a warning about traveling there on the sky to be prepared not to return to Targos. Denham Fisher asks to see the love letter from Garradun Tanner, let him see it. He will then explain that Garradun is actually a doppelganger spy and fashions a replacement letter to take to Mariner. Confront Garradun about the letter and he will drop his facade and attack you.

6 - Oswald Fiddlebender

Talk to Oswald Fiddlebender about his flying ship and how it happened to crash. He also sells potions.

7 - Phaen's House

Inside you will find Phaen. Question him about the Teleportation scroll and you will learn that he is the traitor. He will summon some goblins and attack you. He will drop Phaen's Robe of Rags when dead. If you do not kill him now he will return later at the Palisades to help the goblins. If you have a high Bluff skill you might be able to get Phaen's masters name from him.

Return to the Weeping Widow Inn and tell Cahl-Hyred that you have identified the ghost-touched bottle; which he doesn't want anymore. At dark enter the top middle room upstairs to talk with the ghost. You will learn that her name is Viera and that she is mourning her lost husband Donovan. Go downstairs and ask Cahl-Hyred about Donovan, he will tell you that check with Gohar at the Salty Dog Tavern. Go to the Salty Dog Tavern and ask Gohar about Donovan. He will give you a piece of Donovan's boat. Return to Viera and give her the boat piece. She will warn of great darkness that threatens Targos. Ask her for one last ghost tear before you leave. Tell Cahl-Hyred that the ghost is put to rest.

Revisit Elytharra and tell her that Phaen was the traitor, Valin was cured and about the ghost-touched bottle. You can either sell it to her or enchant an item with it.

Be sure to search for loot in crates, barrels, houses, and racks.

8 - Entrance to Palisade

This is where you will enter to the Palisade.