Severed Hand - Level Four

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1 - Arrival

This is where you will enter Level Four. If you did not receive a Delegate Pass you will not be able to freely wander this area.

2 - Kitchen

You can find a vial of Demon Blood in a container here. You will also want to speak with Miram about the food thief. She doesn't offer any help. Return to Vashti, Level One, and she will suggest you hide in the food area to catch the thief. You will watch a cinematic of a lizard type creature sneak in and steal the food. Follow the creature and learn why he began stealing food. Convince him not to do it again and give him the Ring of Nourishment you obtained from Level Two. Inform Vashti that the problem is solved.

3 - Jaebrilla

Speak with Jaebrilla about Zaem Astyr's death.

4 - Drothan and Eradru

In this room you will find Hatemaster Drothan. Speak to him of Graduk's diary and he will tell you the secret of the Glabrezus' invulnerability. He will also tell you how to destroy the Globe of Essence. Eradru will give you the potion to restore Vylu's sanity. Return to Vylu, Level Two, and have her drink the potion. Inform Roga that she is now well.

5 - Classroom

You will battle a Cornugon, Demons, Orogs and Orog Priests in this classroom after listening to them discuss the best way to defeat humans. Use the doorway as a blockage to fight a few at a time.

6 - Sneaky Riki

You will meet Sneaky Riki hiding in this hallway. She will inform you that you must kill all the guards on this level. You can either battle them outright or agree to poison them as she suggests. If you choose to battle, all the guards in the halls will also attack. If you choose to poison the guards return to Dracein's chambers( Level Two) and ask for permission to use her labs, if you have not killed her. You will need, Virulent Agent (Level Two), Bonding Agent (Level Three), and either Demon's Blood (Level Four) or Tainted Demon's Blood (Level Two). Place the ingredients on the lab table to create the poison. Return to the kitchen on Level Four and place the Lethal Virulent Poison in the grain sacks. After the guards are dead or sleeping you can loot them. Inform Riki of your success. She will tell you that Isair and Madae have bonded themselves with Iyachtu Xvim.

7 - Guards

This is where you will find the guards that Sneaky Riki told you about.

8 - Exit to War Tower

This is the exit to the War Tower. Exit to here first.

9 - Exit to Cleric Tower

This is the exit to the Cleric Tower.

10 - Exit to Officer Tower

This is the exit to the Officer Tower.

11 - Exit to The Wizard Tower

This is the exit to the Wizard Tower; you were asked by Vese Nejj earlier to decipher the puzzle locking the tower.