Chult Jungle - The Guardian

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1 - The Guardian

You can now call forth The Guardian. Place the Religious Steles in the designated spots along the outside of the circle. The member that places the Religious Steles will be attacked first by The Guardian. Before you place the last stele you need to prepare your party members for a tough battle.
  • Cast Bless, Prayer and Protection from Acid on your members.
  • Cast strength spells on your front line fighters.
  • Cast Mass Haste or Haste on your party members.
  • Summon as many creatures as you are able.
  • Move your spell caster and healer far enough away that they can cast but will not draw any agro.
Now place the last Religious Stele. You will watch The Guardian be summoned and it will attack. As soon as it does cast Otiluke's Resilient Sphere on the party member being attacked. This will prevent them from attacking, but will also prevent The Guardian from doing them any damage. The rest of your party can attack. Cast Lower Resistance, Disintegrate and Malison on The Guardian to lower its defenses and cause damage. The Guardian will cast Fear; this is why you need to have your healer or spells casters out of harms reach. Immediately cast Remove Fear on your members or they will run and The Guardian will attack closer members.

There is an alternate course you can take here. Cast your spells above on one party member. Move the others up the steps of the Chult Crossroad portal but do not enter. Have the one member place the Religious Steles then run and join the other party members. The Guardian is not able to reach your party while on the steps and you should be able to cast spells and fight from here without taking any damage.

2 - Chult Crossroads Portal

As soon as you have killed The Guardian the Chult Crossroads portal will start closing. You must immediately proceed to it and enter to return to Kuldahar. You will be fully healed from defeating The Guardian.