Eight Chambers Challenge

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1 - Morohem

Speak with Morohem and he will explain the Eight Chambers challenge. Only one member can enter each room. All of their equipment and inventory must be removed, Morohem will offer to let you place it in a storage area. If you use any potions or spells beforehand they will be removed upon entering the room. Morohem will let you rest after defeating each room. Be sure to save your game after completing each room. You must now decide which member will enter each room. Whoever you decide will only be able to use the abilities they have learned. Inside each room is a panel with several generic weapon choices.

2 - Chamber of Stone

Upon entering the room locate the panel with the weapons and choose one. On the right side of the room you will see five levers. You must pull each lever in the correct sequence to complete the room. If you pull the wrong lever you will have to start from the beginning. When you pull the correct lever Stone Monks will appear and you must defeat them. The correct lever order is:

Lever 1 = 1 Stone Monk
Lever 5 = 2 Stone Monks
Lever 3 = 3 Stone Monks
Lever 2 = 4 Stone Monks
Lever 4 = Completed

Rest your party before proceeding to each new chamber and save your game.

3 - Chamber of Shadows

In this room you will find six alcoves surrounded by green fog. You must enter into the alcoves in the correct sequence or a Shadow Monk will appear and you have to start again after defeating it. The correct order to enter the alcoves is 1, 3, 4, 6.

  1 2 3
  4 5 6

4 - Chamber of Sorcery

This room contains two Crystal Monks. There are eight colored circles on the floor. The Crystal Monks will disappear and reappear on the green circles, they will throw a Lightning Bolt at you. Before they disappear one of the blue circles will be brighter than the rest. If you are standing in that circle when they reappear a Protection from Lightning spell will be cast on your character. You will need to defeat both Crystal Monks. A character with high evasion or a tank will work well for this room.

5 - Chamber of Clockwork

Inside this room are three Clockwork Monks standing on pedestals. Also beware of the clock workings as they can cause a lot of damage. When you injure a Clockwork Monk to almost dead they will start counting down from 10. When they reach 10 they will explode. If you watch pedestals you will see one glow, get to it before the monk explodes and you will be protected. You must defeat all three Clockwork Monks. As in the last room use a character with good evasion or a tank that can do a lot of damage.

6 - Chamber of Sand

This room has two Sand Monks. They have high pretty high spells and damage resistance. On the walls you will see four levers. Pulling the levers will cause a fire beam to be shot out from it. You must maneuver the Sand Monks to be hit by the fire beam without getting hit yourself. You cannot use the same lever twice in a row. A character with good evasion or dash works well. Protection from Fire will help a lot if your character can cast one.

7 - Chamber of Silk

Upon entering this room you will be barraged by a lot of Spiders. Some will be poisonous. They do not do a lot of damage and the poison will wear off quickly. I suggest using a fighter with good hit skills or a mage with Stoneskin.

8 - Chamber of Battle

This room has one Iron Monk. You must maneuver it on top of the blue platform while attacking. When you have it almost dead it will pass out on the platform. Move quickly to the lever on the top right wall and activate it. A door will open to the north. Another Iron Monk is inside and the other one will revive. There are two blue platforms in this new room. You must attack until both are passed out on top the blue platforms. Again move quickly to the other lever and activate it to defeat this room. Characters with high fighting skills and dash work well.

9 - Chamber of Immolation

Inside this room are two Brass Monks. Flame Strikes will randomly erupt from the room's floor. Before each Flame Strike there will appear a warning glow. You must move your character out of that area, while avoiding other Flame Strikes. The Brass Monks will inflict fire damage as they hit. A character with good evasion or Protection from Fire will work well.

Return to Salisam or Aruma for permission to enter the Underdark Passage.

10 - Raven Tomb Door

You can now open the door to the Raven Tomb which leads to the Underdark Passages. Completely rest and heal your party before entering.