Wandering Village

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1 - Arrival

Travel east along the path and you will find Thvara Baelm. She will comment that she was sent to get reinforcements for the Ice Temple then attack. She has a giant named Brogrob and some Barbarian Warriors with her. The battle isn't too difficult. Farther along and north of the trail you will encounter Dire Wolves and Ferocious Dire Wolves. This can be a tough battle. All of the Wolves attack at once and there are a lot of them.

2 - Wandering Village

As you approach the village you will talk with some Hunters. They suggest talking with Elder Suoma in the village. Below is a list of the pertinent characters in the village. You will need to speak with some of the characters in order to complete quests that you receive from Suoma.

3 - Exit

This is the exit to the Fell Woods. Heal your party members completely before proceeding.

4 - Nym

As you enter the village a merchant named Nym will start speaking with you. He says to take the pass through the Underdark and that you will need some rope. If you wish to purchase any of his items do so now.

5 - Suoma

Before Suoma will tell you how to get through the Cold Marshes she asks that you assist the village with some matters. She has a small selection of spells for sale.

6 - Venla The Healer

Venla is the village's healer. She has potions and healing for sell. You can have her watch over you while you rest. She will ask you to bring her some Frostrose from the Cold Marshes for a potion.

7 - Tahvo the Hunter

Tahvo sells equipment, armor, lamp oil and rope. Purchase one rope from him.

8 - Kurttu

Suoma will send you to Kurttu to assist her in a matter.

9 - Carita and Leevi

You will need to speak with Carita and Leevi to complete one of Suoma's quests.


Pairi can be found near the entrance gates. She will give you a little more information about the Fell Woods. If you have a Sorcerer have them speak with her; she will ask for some advice and give you experience.


Jari is up near Suoma. He tells you about his need to win a competition in order to marry his true love. Give or sell him a wolf pelt for experience and gold.

Suoma's Quests