Black Raven Monastery Gate

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1 - Arrival

No matter which tunnel you take you will find Umber Hulks. They will burst through the walls and attack. They are not too difficult to defeat.

2 - Beastlord Harshom

As you approach Beastlord Harshom will start to talk with you. After he is done threatening you he will attack. With him are War Bears, rangers and mages. Beastlord Harshom is a difficult opponent. If you can ensnare, entangle or sleep spell the others, focus on Beastlord Harshom then the mages. If you cannot hold back the others, quickly dispatch the War Bears first, then Beastlord.

3 - Black Raven Gate

Use the key from Beastlord Harshom's corpse to open the Black Raven gate.

4 - Exit

This is the exit to Chapter Four. Heal your party before leaving.