Severed Hand - Tower Quests
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Ilmater Ritual

In order to destroy the Globe of Essence you must first perform an Ilmater Ritual at the Ilmater statue in the Cleric Tower, Floor 1. You will need four items:
  • Tome of Ilmater - Wizard Tower - Floor 3
  • Toral Bonds of Suffering - War Tower - Floor 3
  • Ilmater Holy Symbol - Level 3 - Xvim Slayer Knights
  • Tears of Suffering - Level 1 - Jerre Stoh
At the Ilmater statue you must have the party member with the items step onto the platform. You will begin a dialogue to place the items and begin the ritual. After beginning you will be interrupted by Xvim. He offers you a deal. If you kill ten innocent slaves he will not send his followers into the Final Battle. If you accept his offer you will not be able to complete the ritual to weaken Isair and Madae and release the slaves. If you are using a Paladin to perform the ritual you will be given a choice. If you do not accept his offer he will appear and attack. He will also have 2 Glabrezus, 2 Cornugons, 2 Lemures and 4 Wight Lemures. Xvim will cast Meteor Swarm and Fiery Cloud spells. Focus your attention of Xvim first then the Glabrezus.

After you have defeated Xvim and his minions you need to finish the ritual. You will receive Holy Water of Corellon Larethian to use in the Radiant Pool on Level 3.

Destroying The Globe Of Essence

After you have used the Holy Water of Corellon Larethian in the Radiant Pool the Globe of Essence is vulnerable. If you have not taken care of the guards in this room you will have to do so now. It is not a difficult battle, but prepare yourself beforehand. You can now attack the Globe of Essence and destroy it. Be prepared to battle the Glabrezu that will attack you in the hallway. You can now inform Jerre that the slaves are free. Return to Sneaky Riki on Level 4. She will ask that you intercept an envoy on the top of the War Tower. You will need a key found on Pudu in the Officer Tower, Floor 4. Before you enter Floor 4 of the War Tower prepare your party members for a tough battle. Afterwards you will begin Icewind Dale II's Final Battle.