Shaengarne River

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1 - Arrival

Upon entering the area you will be met by Torak, Chieftan of the Broken Tusk Clan, who will threaten you. Do not immediately break the line of barrels in front of you. They will serve as a barrier against the oncoming Orc Shamans, Orc Warriors and Orc Archers. Use your spells to entangle/sleep as many archers and shamans that you can. The warriors will not be able to get through the barrels; allowing you time to cast spells upon archers and shamans and use your bows. When they are dead break one or two barrels to allow the Orc Warriors through one at a time for easy kills. Be cautious before moving on, there may be more Orcs around the corner.

2 - Camp

You will once again meet up with Torak who calls upon the Broken Tusk Clan to destroy you. Be aware that now they will have Orc Runners and Orc Firestarters. They place blasting kegs in your path and ignite them. If you lure the Orcs around the kegs and back off they will blow themselves up, but you do not get exp points for their deaths. After you have killed all of the Orcs you can rescue Dereth Springsong. He asks you to clear his home of Orcs; which you will have already done. Dereth will unblock the path to Shaengarne Ford and will give you a quest to find his wife Sabrina. At the camp you will find a couple Potions of Extra Healing.

3 - Opened Path

Along the path that Dereth opened you will find a few Orcs. At the end you will encounter Sabrina Springsong. She will warn you of an ambush and destroy a barrier. Offer to escort her home; which she refuses.

4 - Orcs

If you continue along the path to the left you will find some Orc Archers and Orc Shamans. If you stay at the bottom of the hill you can entangle/sleep them and take out one at a time.

5 - Dereth and Sabrina's Home

Proceed to Dereth and Sabrina's home where he will reward you with a Scimitar and experience for rescuing his wife. You can buy spells from Sabrina and receive healing from Dereth. He will also tell you how to get past the log jam.

6 - Ambush Path

Orc Firestarters and Runners will try to use Blasting Kegs against you on the path. You will also encounter other Orcs. At the end there are a couple of Archers to take out. Proceed back down the path and stop at Dereth's house for any healing that is required.

7 - Log Jam

You will have to break the log jam on each side of the river. As you approach the log jam on the left side, Torak will confront you again. There are blasting kegs lined up across your path with Orc Archers behind them. You can use burning oil to ignite the kegs and kill the archers. Then clean out the Orcs from the area.

8 - Stone Slab and Exit

Torak pushes over a stone slab and escapes the area. Ensure that you have gathered all of the loot. Return to Dereth and Sabrina for any healing and spells that you need before proceeding.