Logging Village

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1 - Arrival

Be prepared to meet Torak again with a large group of Orcs. There will be several Shamans, Archers and Warriors. Archers will be on the edge to your left. After the battle you can talk to Emma Moonblade who assisted you during the battle. She tells you that her sword, Moonblade of Selune, was stolen by a troll and asks if you saw where he went. You can give her the information for free or negotiate. She will offer you healing for 1 gold piece and some flaming oil to use against the troll.

2 - Kaitlin Silvertongue

Here you will meet Kaitlin Silvertongue. She was sent out from Torak's Camp to tell you to leave the area or he will kill the villagers he holds captive.

3 - Invisible Rescue

Kaitlin will tell you of an alternate way to rescue the villagers. She tells you that there is a Potion of Invisibility in the house ruins behind her and you can use that to sneak into Torak's Camp and open the locked gate to the villagers. Be very careful when using the potion and entering the camp to not talk to anyone or open anything except the locked gate.

4 - Locked Gate

After opening and nearing the villagers, you will be set upon by numerous Orcs: Archers, Warriors, and Shamans. Use your sleep/entangle spells to delay as many as possible. Try to take out the Shamans first, then the Archers, and finally the Warriors. Try to lure all of them away from the villagers. If you get too close a Firestarter will ignite the blasting barrels in the middle of the villagers.

5 - Captured Villagers

Ensure that all of the Orc Guards are dead. Break a couple of barrels to release the villagers. Inside the chest beside the building you will find a Clenched Fish Mace. This can be used to gain 1 gold per day. Return to Kaitlin and tell her the villagers are free. You will now find Arte behind her at the ruined house on your right. He has items for sell and can identify items.

6 - Torak's Camp

Now it is time to take out Torak and his camp. As soon as you near the guards Torak will command the Orcs to attack. Try to keep them all at or inside of the camp gates. Again try to subdue as many as possible. Torak will drop a Battleaxe, Leather Armor and the Highland Gate Key. Loot the village for some burning oil, healing potions and some throwing daggers, Final Word.

7 - Vrek Vileclaw's Cave

As you head up the path from the camp you will find a few Orcs. Killing them is easily accomplished. See Vrek's Cave.

Now return to Kaitlin and inform her of Tarok's death. She will now tell you of a mountain pass to the river and about a Dam that the Orcs are building. You may go back to Emma Moonblade and return her sword for gold or experience or keep it. Gather any equipment and healing needed for the next part.

8 - Highland Gate

Exit through the Highland Gate using the key from Torak. Inside you will encounter a Highland Cat, who is easily killed. Proceed onward.