Severed Hand - Level Three

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1 - Arrival

You will enter Level Three here. Beware of trapped hallways.

2 - Yxbudur' Zmutkimdu

You will see Yxbudur talking with a few other creatures in this room. Soon after they will attack. Besides Yxbdur there will be Glabrezu, Lemure Slaves, Wight Lemure Slaves, Elite Goblins, and Knights of Slayer Xvim. The Lemure Slaves and Wight Lemure Slaves are easily killed and should be taken care of first. Then you can focus on the remaining mobs. If you have read the Blood War book you may be able to talk your way out of the battle with a high diplomacy. In a nearby you will find a Bonding Agent; keep this for later use.

3 - Throne Chamber

You will find two Glabrezu guarding a throne in this room. They are also invulnerable at this time.

4 - Radiant Pool

In this room you will find a few guards. They are easily defeated. You will revisit this room and the Radiant Pool later in your game.

5 - Xvim Slayer Knights

You will find two Xvim Slayer Knights in this room. The carpet area is trapped. In a chest you will find a Ilmater Xvim Holy Symbol. Keep this for later.

6 - Xvim Slayer Knights

This room is like the previous with two Xvim Slayer Knights. The carpet is also trapped and a Iyachtu Xvim Holy Symbol is in a chest. Keep this for later.

7 - Exit

One of two exits to Level Four.

8 Exit

One of two exits to Level Four.