Fields of Slaughter Exit

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1 - Arrival

You will enter this area to find yourself once again confronted by Saablic Tan. He will also have a Red Wizard of Thay, a Slayer Knight of Xvim, Wanmok, a Red Neo-Orog, a Half-Orc Warrior, two Guards, a Greater Feyr, and a Neo-Orog Priest with him. This battle is extremely difficult. The Slayer Knight of Xvim can do a considerable amount of damage in a short time. The Wizard of Thay and the Neo-Orog Priest will also cause a lot of damage. Cast as many area spells as possible to inflict as much damage as you can quickly. Use slow or entangle spells to hold off some of the attack as long as possible. Cast Insect Plague on Saablic Tan, the Red Wizard of Thay and the Neo-Orog Priest to keep them from casting spells. Summon as many creatures to assist you as you can. Use Prayer, Protection from Evil, Defensive Harmony, Bless, and Improved Haste on your party members. Now focus your attack on the mobs that are not disabled. Once they are dead you can take out the rest.

2 - Camp

You can search the camp for any loot. Be watchful for trapped tents.

3 - Exit

You will have to defeat a few more creatures before exiting to the Severed Hand. There will be two Half-Dragons and two Elite Half-Goblins. After your last battle these will be extremely easy. Rest and heal your party before proceeding to Chapter Six.