Kyosti's Ghost - Fell Wood

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1 - Suoma

When you return to Suoma she will ask you to assist Kurttu.

2 - Kurttu

Kurttu tells you that Kyosti's ghost has been seen between the village and Fell Wood. Kyosti was her step-daughter Carita's husband. She asks that you help the ghost find peace.

3 - Carita and Leevi

You can talk with Carita and Leevi. Neither will have a lot of information but, it will give you a sense of what happened.

4 - Exit to Fell Wood

Exit to the Fell Wood.

5 - Exit to Fell Wood Paths

Exit this map to the Fell Wood paths.

Speak with the Hunter's ghost. He knows about Kyosti's ghost but he wants you to extinguish the Ghost Lights before he will tell you anything.

Go to this section to complete the Ghost Lights quest:

Fell Wood - Ghost Lights

After you have extinguished the Ghost Lights the Hunter's ghost will tell you where to find Kyosti's ghost. He will also give you some remains for burial.

6 - Kyosti's Ghost

You will have to convince Kyosti's ghost that he is able to speak. He will say that Carita killed him and had Leevi hide his body. Leevi cut out his tongue so he could not speak. Kyosti's ghost will give you his spear.

7 - Return To Wandering Village

Return to Kurttu and inform her that Kyosti's ghost is at peace. Before you can talk with Suoma, Madae and Isair will appear at the entrance to the village. They will talk for awhile then disappear. They will turn the hunters into Undead and they will attack. They can resist a lot of damage. After they are dead return to Suoma and give her the remains. She will finally tell you how to traverse through the Fell Woods. She says that you will have to kill the Dark Treants in order to reach the Cold Marshes. Purchase any supplies that you need; don't forget the rope. Visit Venla for healing or potions. She will thank you for dealing with the Undead and say that she was able to resurrect them as hunters.

Go to this section to traverse the Fell Woods to the Cold Marshes:

Fell Wood - Dark Treants