Return to Kuldahar

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1 - Chult Crossroads Exit

You will exit from the Chult Crossroads here. Proceed to Iselore and the Heartstone Gem.

2 - Attack Waves

As soon as you reach Iselore and talk with him you will start being attacked by waves of enemies. Stay close to Iselore; he will assist you in the battles. Use your heals and spells wisely or you will not make it through all of the attack waves.
  • Cedra and many Neo-Orog Scouts will attack from your right. Prayer, Bless, Hope and Defensive Harmony are good spells to cast on your party members. Focus your attention on Cedra first.
  • Harpies will attack from the south.
  • Yuan-ti Half-Breed will now attack along with Yuan-ti Priests and Sorcerers.
  • Neo-Orog Scouts and a Neo-Orog General will soon follow the Yuan-ti Priests and Sorcerers.
  • Yuan-ti Half-Breed Priestess', Yuan-ti Half-Breed Sorceress', Yuan-ti Abominations and Yuan-ti Archers now attack.
  • Many Neo-Orog Marauders, a Neo-Orog Priest of Bane and a Neo-Orog General are the last wave of attackers.
3 - Exit to Dragon's Eye

Now that you have defeated all of the enemy you can once again talk with Iselore, Nathaniel and Jermsy before proceeding to The Dragon's Eye. Rest and heal your party.