Fields of Slaughter

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1 - Arrival

Upon entering you will be confronted by Saablic Tan. After speaking he will order a Red Wizard of Thay, a Slayer Knight of Xvim, Wanmok, a Red Neo-Orog, a Half-Orc Warrior, two Guards, a Greater Feyr and a Neo-Orog Priest to attack. The best course of action is to cast Acid Fog, Cloudkill, Fireballs and other area spells immediately. Cast Insect Plague on the Priest and Red Wizard to keep them from casting their spells. While they are busy with the bugs you can take out the rest of the party. Then easily kill the Priests. While you have been fighting Saablic Tan will port away.

2 - Captives

Speak with the captives Elves. You will need a key to open the gate and release them.

3 - Kratuuk's Camp

As you approach you will be intercepted by Blahg'mah. If you have a high bluff skill you can convince him to take you to Kratuuk who will give you a quest to kill M'darfien and his followers. If not you will have to immediately battle Blahg'mah, Kratuuk and the Orc Dread Warriors. This is a difficult battle. Kratuuk will cast Blasphemy on your party members, focus your attention on him first. Once he is dead the rest of the mob will be defeated more easily. You will find a key on Kratuuk's corpse. Enter through the gate and release the captive Elves. You will also find another key to open the other gate.

4 - Gorg's Camp

In this camp you will find Gorg and his Orc Dread Warriors fighting Elven Dread Warriors. You can assist him in defeating the Elven Dread Warriors then speak with him. If you do not anger him he can be a useful ally.

5 - M'darfien

Approaching you will find M'Darfien arguing with Elven Priest Saralon D'frayn. He soon kills Saralon. He will then attack your party along with the Elven Dread Warriors and Elven Dread Archers. M'Darfien will cast Improved Invisibility on his followers. Immediately cast Insect Plague or Otiluke's Resilient Sphere on M'Darfien to prevent him from casting his deadly spells. Lure the Elven Dread Warriors and Archers back to Gorg's camp and they will assist you in defeating them. Return to M'Darfien and let him have everything you've got. After he is defeated you should loot Saralon D'frayn's corpse for the Holy Water vials. The tents are trapped and need to be disarmed before looting.

6 - Waterfall

Use the Holy Water vials that you received from Saralon D'frayn's corpse on the Waterfall. It is now put to rest. There may be a few other mobs in the area that you need to defeat before moving to the exit.

7 - Exit

Rest and heal your party before proceeding.