Outside Z'Hinda Citadel

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1 - Arrival

As you enter the map you will encounter Mirabel and Majrash. They will talk with you for a bit then attack. They will have Earth Elementals and Harpies with them. Try to disable Mirabel and Majrash's spell abilities so you can focus on the Earth Elementals and Harpies. There may be more Harpies that you can't yet see to the south. The Harpies can cause your party members to panic. Once they are defeated you can easily kill Mirabel and Majrash. You will find some useful loot from their bodies.

2 - Oswald

You once again find Oswald. He has been sent to find and take you to Kuldahar and will let you know how the Ten-Towns are fairing. Buy or sell any items from Oswald. Rest your party before telling him you are ready to leave. You will now start Chapter 5.