Goblin Horde Fortress Interior

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1 - Arrival

Two Bugbears are guarding the doors to the inner fortress. They are easily killed. An Old Orc will join the battle. He can be pretty difficult. He has a lot of healing potions. When he dies he will drop a key for the door.

2 - Chieftain Room

After watching a scene with Guthma and Sherincal arguing enter the rooms to your left. Inside you will have to fight Orog Chieftains, High Chieftains, Orc Witch Doctor and Goblin Sorcerer. They can be pretty tough. Be careful when looting the chests and tables, some of them are trapped.

3 - Orogs

Here are a couple Orogs and an Orog Chieftain. Easy killed.

4 - Jailkeeper

Kill the Jailkeeper and retrieve the key to Braston's cell.

5 - Braston's Cell

Talk to Braston, but have him stay in the cell until you have killed everything. You can rest in Braston's cell.

6 - Kitchen

In the kitchen you will find a couple Ogres. They are easy to kill.

7 Quick Battle

There are Orogs and a Orc Witch Doctor in this room. Easily defeated.

8 - Spell Casters

In this room are a Goblin Sorcerer and an Orc Witch Doctor. Try to disable one while killing the other.

9 Goblin Sorcerer

Inside is a Goblin Sorcerer. The chest is trapped.

10 Orc Shaman

This room contains an Orc Shaman. This chest is also trapped.

11 - Guthma

Now it's time to take care of Guthma. A Goblin High Chieftain will be with Guthma while you are talking with him. As soon as he attacks a Goblin Sorcerer, Witch Doctor and an Orc High Chieftain will join the battle. Guthma is pretty tough and does a lot of damage. Try to neutralize the sorcerer and witch doctor to focus on Guthma first. Guthma will drop a Mountains of Selune mace.

Walk back through the rooms and make sure that you have looted the chests, tables and shelves. Return to Braston and escort him out the front gates to Ennelia. Wait until Braston is there before talking with Ennelia. They will reward you with a longbow. Return to Targos and get your payment from Crale. Then talk with Lord Ulbrec to receive your next mission. Oswald is going to fly you to the Western Pass. Sell any unusable equipment. Buy any armor, weapons or supplies needed. You will not be able to return to Targos. Go to Oswald and board the airship.