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1 - Arrival

This is where you will enter Kuldahar. Be prepared for many battle in this area. It is infested with Yuan-ti Archers and Yuan-ti Abominations. If you have a character that is able to hide use them to scout out the area before proceeding. You can easily become overwhelmed and outnumbered.

2 - Orrick's Tower

Inside Orrick's Tower you will find Sheemish. He will have offer scrolls and equipment for sell. Behind him you will find a table that gives you a magical phrase. You can use this to call forth an Air Elemental that was left to protect the tower. The Air Elemental will give Sheemish some magical items that you can also purchase.

3 - Conlan's Shop

At Conlan's Shop you will meet Conlan. He is Sheemish's Father. He will have very nice and expensive equipment for sell. Tell him that you have seen his son and he is doing well.

4 - Iselore and the Heartstone Gem

You will find Iselore guarding the Heartstone Gem. Talk with him about Madae and Isair. This will help you put Mother Egenia's Spirit to rest. You will also learn of the Chult, Chult Crossroads, Jungles of Chult and the Yuan-ti Temple. You will be heading to the Jungles of Chult and Yuan-ti Temple after leaving Kuldahar. Speaking with Iselore will open up the Chult Crossroads and he informs you that you need to defeat all of the Yuan-ti or kill The Guardian.

5 - Gerbash

Inside this house you will find Gerbash. He has been injured, give him a healing potion and he will give you the key to the Watchtower.

Before entering the Chult Crossroads Portal you need to return to Mother Egenia's home and put her spirit to rest. Tell her what you have learned of Madae and Isair. Return to Nathaniel and Jermsy and give them the key to the Watchtower, tell them about Conlan, Sheemish and Gerbash.

6 - Chult Crossroads

You will need to enter the portal to reach the Jungles of Chult and Yuan-ti Temple.

7 - Exit to Dragon's Eye

This is the exit to Dragon's Eye. Heal and rest your party before proceeding.