Cold Marshes

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1 - Arrival

Throughout this map you will encounter spiders, Snow Trolls, ice trolls, wyverns and barbarians. The first battle will be with a lot of Spiders. They can poison your party members. A little farther east you will again find Spiders. Do not travel too far southeast or you will also be attacked by the Trolls. You can return to the Wandering Village for healing, if needed.

2 - Snow and Ice Trolls

Here you will find a large number of Snow and Ice Trolls and a Snow Troll Shaman. There are two groups of Trolls; one to the east and one to the south. This battle will be difficult since there are a lot of them. Try to kill the Snow Troll Shaman first then focus on the others. After you have defeated them all you can loot their den.

3 - Frostrose

Here is where you will find the Frostrose that Venla the healer asked you for. You can return this to her and she will give you a potion that cures disease and purges poison.

4 - Boulders

As you approach this area you will encounter Blackraven Barbarians. They will talk for a while then attack. Be watchful of more Barbarians that will attack from the south. After you have defeated them you need to clear a path through the boulders. You will have to move each boulder into an empty space to proceed. Use only one party member to move the boulders; you can kill yourself if you are between two boulders. As you move the first boulder more Barbarians, Snow Trolls or Wyverns will attack. They will become stuck in the boulders; you can use your ranged weapons or spells to kill them off. After you have cleared the boulder path you will again be attacked by Barbarians.

5 - Exit

As you travel to the exit you will find more Barbarians and Wyverns. Heal your party before proceeding forward. You may have to return to previous maps to rest, if you do it here more monsters will spawn.