Dragon's Eye - Level Two

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1 - Arrival

You will enter Level Two here. Throughout the area you will encounter various wandering mobs.

2 - Mandal's Corpse

Send the party member with the largest number of health points down this hallway. When you enter you will spring a boulder trap. A large boulder will start rolling down the hallway after you. You can attempt to outrun it to the end and stand around the corner. This is the only time that the boulder trap is sprung. At the end of the hallway you will find Mandal's corpse. Loot the chest beside the corpse to find the third of the ropes that you will need later.

3 - Nathaniel

You will find Nathaniel in this area. He says he was sent by Iselore to offer any aid needed. Do not have a Paladin speak with Nathaniel. They would soon find out that it is a fraud and is actually a Rakshasa Maharajah. You can use the fake Nathaniel to purchase healing and buy or sell items. When you are finished with Dragon's Eye you may return and expose him. He will transform and summon several creatures to assist him. This can be a very difficult battle. The creatures will impose a lot of damage over a short time. Chain Lightning and summoning your own mobs will help greatly. You do not have to expose Nathaniel to proceed with the game.

4 - Ziggurat Chamber

This room is full of Histachii, Yuan-ti Half-Breed Priestesses and Sorceresses, and a few Yuan-Ti Priests. Approach carefully and plan your attack before surging forward. Use spells that will disable or hinder the spellcasters to focus your battle on a few at a time. Notice the levers on the north and south sides of the podium. You will have to use the latter lever later.

5 - Alchemy Lab

Searching the shelves in this room you will find several scrolls, potions and notes. Notice the alchemy tables. You will have need of these later.

Return to Level One and tell Nherro Fhutma that you found Mandal's corpse. He will ask that you find a Modified Mandrake Root. You will not be able to find this until you find Mandal's sword and return it to his spirit.

6 - Spiders

This area is infested with Giant Spiders, Phase Spiders and Sword Spiders. You will encounter many web traps. Armor or Spells that have Freedom of Movement will be invaluable in this area. Be careful of your party members becoming poisoned. You will also be attacked by a couple of Ettercaps. The spiders are not difficult to kill, but you can become overwhelmed by their numbers.

7 - Exit to Level Three

You will find Yuan-ti Half-Breed Sorceresses and Yuan-ti Half-Breed Priestesses guarding the exit to Level Three. Stun or immobilize them and your melee fighters can make quick work of them. There is a trap on the exit that dispels magic and summons creatures. Disarm the trap before proceeding to Level Three.