Shaengarne Bridge

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1 - Arrival

Immediately you will encounter a Bugbear that orders the Bridge destroyed. Then a group of Orcs and Bugbears will attack. You will hear the bridge being destroyed in the background.

2 - Bridge Entrance

As you approach the entrance to the Bridge you will encounter Maralites, Orc Archers, Bugbears, Orcs, Harpies, Verbeeg, and Highland Snake. This will be a difficult battle. I entangled as many as possible to control the number that I had to battle at once. Check the barrels for heal potions as often as you can.

3 - Xuki

Xuki will approach you on the bridge and try to have you arrange a meeting with Lord Ulbrec. Regardless of what you respond he will reveal that he has been diverting you from the Ogres destroying the Bridge. If you kill Xuki first then the Ogres the Bridge will be destroyed. Or you can kill the Ogres first and save the Bridge.

Regardless if you save the Bridge you can proceed with the quest. Xuki will throw fireballs that can do quite a bit of damage. From his body you will receive a Bag of Holding and Witherbranch Boots. You will also find extra healing potions, Footman's Folly and a small shield.

4 - Exit

Proceed to the exit killing any other enemies that you find and looting the bodies and barrels.

Return to Targos. Visit Shawford Crale for your payment. Notify Lord Ulbrec of your success to receive your experience points. He will inform you that the scouts have sent word about the location of the Horde Fortress. That is your next mission. Stock your inventory and rest before proceeding.